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Extra! Extra! Stream all about it!

In today's world, everyone thinks they know it all.

Seriously, everybody and their mama believe they are journalists. You can blame the internet for that! Just because we have access to tons of information doesn't necessarily mean that we are experts and should be spreading news. Honestly, before you go spreading the news like wildfire, you should ask yourself, "Do I actually know this to be true, or is it just my point of view?"

With that being said, I am very particular when it comes to receiving news and finding out information. I typically vet the news sources to ensure that the story I am receiving is actually true. Nonetheless, I have to admit I tend to stay up-to-date through social media. In fact, I probably get all of my news "hot off the gram." I mean, who doesn't?

For example, when the news broke out about Kobe Bryant's deadly helicopter accident, probably like the rest of the world, I first learned about it on social media. I mean, it was all anyone saw on their news feed that day. There were countless posts, like this one from NBC News' Twitter page, continuously sharing updates on the tragic incident. Now, of course, this news was a shock to everyone. So, I am sure I wasn't the only one who checked multiple sources and even went to Vanessa Bryant's social media pages to make sure it was true. Unfortunately, it was.

In addition, as a Floridan, news about the weather is critical. Yes, we do have bi-polar weather. It can be raining and sunny at the same time or even raining on one side of a street and dry on the next. However, news about hurricanes is our main concern. During hurricane season, I am constantly receiving reports and trackings through The Weather Channel's social media pages, like this one. The information is right at my fingertips and, most importantly, trustworthy.

Streaming news on social media rather than mainstream media is just more convenient. You still can get reliable information; however, it is straight to the point instead of long, drawn-out details. Take a look at this post from USA TODAY on Game 4 of the NBA Finals versus this online article on the same topic from their website. The story's basis is still communicated on both platforms, yet you save yourself time and energy going through social media.

So, why not use social media to your advantage?

Until next time, peace! ✌️

xo, Sequoia

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