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Houston, We Have a Problem!

Like everything else, the mass communication industry has challenges they face on a daily basis. I mean, come on, how many times have you complained about the media and the news you watch on TV or online. I'm sure it has happened more than once.

One apparent issue that mass communication is currently dealing with is sensationalism. Seriously, you would think that this problem of producing content that has a particular shock value, like murders or sex scandals in a city, to provoke viewers would be fixed already. Well, apparently not.

And guess what? It is currently happening all over the world, even here in Palm Beach County; take this article for proof. Not only are there plenty of stories that seem to always shed a negative light on situations, but sometimes these stories are exaggerated, like this one. Plus, as a result of sensationalism, there is poor coverage of actually essential issues.

Don't fret, though! There is a light on the other side of the tunnel.

The agenda-setting theory could be applied to resolve sensationalism. This theory is very relevant to the mass communication industry today simply because it determines which news stories are frequently seen in the news media.

With this in mind, the media industry clearly determines which stories are disseminated to the public and made to seem important. Suppose they apply the agenda-setting theory to their decision-making process when selecting news topics to cover. In that case, they will consciously choose stories that are truly relevant and important to the public. While at the same time, ensuring to feature only the facts rather than biased opinions.

For example, instead of featuring content like this article, as the lead story, that talks about Donald Trump's possibly residing in Palm Beach, FL, once he leaves the White House. They could feature an article highlighting the importance of staying safe during this Thanksgiving holiday and discussing significant facts that educate the public as the feature headlining story.

Honestly, it's simple. Use the agenda-setting to decide which stories are relevant and should be regularly seen in the media.

Until next time, peace! ✌️

xo, Sequoia

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