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How to Take the Stress Out of Job Hunting

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

BREAKING NEWS: job hunting is stressful! 🚨

I recently applied for a job that matched my experience and skills. However, since it had "director" in the title, I didn't qualify.

Even with my degrees, seven years of experience, and a portfolio full of evidence, I couldn't even get the interview.

Why, you ask? Well, the hiring manager said they were looking for someone with 7-10 years of experience and since I just made the cut, it wasn't enough.

Seriously, I couldn't even get the interview. Not to mention, the platforms I would have been handling are barely ten years old, but you need ten years of experience.

If that wasn't enough, she offered me the coordinator position instead. Like girl, you think I'm going to take an entry-level role with a Master's degree and years of experience.

HA! This can't be life.

Go to college, they say. It will help you get a good job, they say. Well, what they don't say is how hard it is to get that job.

I mean, really – companies are looking for you to slave for a year or two for only a few more dollars over minimum wage with a bachelor's degree – a.k.a. move back in with your parents or get roommates.

Then you think, well, maybe I'll get another degree – rack up those student loans. *Joe get it together*

That doesn't always help either since most jobs require a ridiculous amount of experience, even if you have the skills and the degree to match.

Like HELLOOO!! 👋 How do you expect me to have 7-10 years of experience when I'm only 28.

Instead, they promote the person who's been clearly sleeping in their current position to take over the department and train others to do the same.

And you wonder why our generation will leave a job without hesitation. If you aren't loyal to us, why should we be loyal to you?

The problem is most employers aren't being realistic.

Don't worry, though. Here are a two ways to take the stress out of job hunting:

1. Freelance your services

Offer services that relate to your role to the public. This could help you build a portfolio with real-world examples, which will help you prove your worth during an interview. Plus, it's a great way to make extra money and master your craft.

2. Position yourself as the solution

Add sample work for the job you're interviewing for in your portfolio – there's nothing better than proof. Identify the problem and show yourself as the solution. This will also allow you to get a better understanding of the company and how you could contribute to its growth.

Need some help getting started? Send me a message.

Happy Hunting!

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